Why do I need building plans?

Building plans are a legal document between you and the local authority to allow you to build a safe, liveable structure in accordance with the National building regulations. Building plans are also used for:

  1. Informing the builder what your structural requirements are.
  2. A record of all legally approved structures on you property. (Used by insurance companies, estate agents, bondholders etc.)

Who draws council acceptable plans?

Trained architectural professionals that are registered with the SA council of architectural professionals.

What documents are required to submit council acceptable plans?

  1. Architectural compliance form (from the architectural professional)
  2. Energy usage calculation report submitted by architectural professional for every plan submitted
  3. Architectural appointment form with design parameters
  4. Title deed of property (Applicant must show proof of ownership)
  5. Engineers appointment and compliance form (required by councils in most cases)
  6. Council application for

Other documents are from time to time required depending on the project parameters but the above are the essential ones

How long does the council need to approve building plans?

Depending on which local authority and their backlog of plans awaitng approval it can be anything from 2 to 8 weeks after submission

How long does it take to prepare a set of plans for council approval?

Depending on the appointed professional's workload and the scope of work required to be completed. A small addition to a building structure can take as little as a week providing all the correct information is immediately available.

What are the fees for drawing building plans?

The SA Council of architectural professionals has a recommended fee guideline and these guidelines are used to determine what each professional or professional body as well as  the complexity and scope of work to be done is calculated for. Plans for new houses, alterations, additions to new houses etc attract the lowest fees and it is best to contact an architectural professional to determine what rate can be negotiated for your particular project

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